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Will I Be A Good Mother? Managing Prenatal Anxiety

With just a few weeks to go until your baby's grand entrance, you may be starting to think beyond the birth.  Babies do not come with instructions, so you may be asking yourself whether you will be up for the task of motherhood.

2 mins to read Aug 29, 2017

Being a good mother.
Although you are filled with joy when thinking about the baby you are expecting, you are also full of doubt. You ask yourself whether you will be a good mother, and if the two of you will be good parents. This is totally normal. The truth is nobody is born a parent. Before the arrival of your first child, you are, above all, the daughter of your mother and your partner is primarily the son of his father. In your mind, you both have a dream child, to whom you will be dream parents but, in reality, it will be your child that will make you parents as you take part in his/her life. So, don’t worry about it unnecessarily, when the time comes, you’ll learn to cope.
Discover Haptonomy.
Haptonomy offers the mother and father an opportunity to establish emotional contact with the baby by caressing the mother’s abdomen in an affectionate way. Touch is the first of the five senses that a baby develops. The concept behind haptonomy is that the sooner the baby feels in touch with his/her parents, the sooner he or she will feel safe. At birth, the "haptomic holding" technique, holding the child by its base, allows him or her to quickly gain independence. Haptonomy allows the future parents to establish a first contact, and experience the development of their future baby together, before the birth. It´s more than a preparation for the birth; it´s a preparation for parenthood.
Take the leading role in your pregnancy.
There is no magic formula to becoming a good parent but an early relationship with the child, even before birth can help. It is therefore necessary for you to talk to your baby, tell him/her what you´re doing, what you see, what you feel, have him/her listen to the music you like and share your meals, as your baby derives the nutrients from your diet.
You should enjoy your pregnancy, living precious moments of shared experience with your child. Have confidence in yourself. This will gradually prepare you for maternity, and without a doubt it will be an enjoyable time.