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PLAYING: Stay active to help keep your weight in check and increase your chances of an easier birth!

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Stay active to help keep your weight in check and increase your chances of an easier birth!

Did you know? Regular physical activity while you’re pregnant might help you have a shorter labor and an easier birth.

2 mins to read Jan 4, 2021

Studies have shown that pregnant women with higher activity levels are more likely to have a “natural” birth without medical intervention. Being active can also help you to stop gaining too much weight during pregnancy, which can help you have a baby with a healthy birth weight.

  • Active before pregnancy? Carry on with your usual exercise regime (after checking with your healthcare provider).
  • If you weren’t active before you conceived, talk to your healthcare provider about starting gently with a goal of eventually reaching 30 minutes of low-impact activity five days a week. Walking counts, so consider getting off the bus a couple of stops early or swap short drives for walks.
  • Continue to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet to provide your baby with the nutrition he needs, and to help you gain the right amount of weight while you’re pregnant.


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