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PLAYING: Can I Continue to Exercise During Pregnancy?

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Can I Continue to Exercise During Pregnancy?

Exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and is therefore also part of a healthy pregnancy.  Find out which exercises are safest and best for pregnant women. 

2 mins to read Aug 28, 2017

Even though pregnancy can deprive you of energy; continuing with a moderate form of exercise will help you maintain a healthy weight, manage muscular aches and pains and even prepare for childbirth.

However, if your pregnancy has been diagnosed as being "at risk", your doctor may prohibit any form of physical activity. It’s best to consult your doctor before undertaking pregnancy exercise; particularly if it’s exercise you were not doing prior to conceiving.  

Which exercises are not recommended during my 9 months of pregnancy?

Any kind of sport where you are at greater risk of being injured or falling over, such as football, basketball, volleyball, horse riding, skating or skiing should be avoided throughout your pregnancy.  You should also pass on any kind of combat sports like judo or boxing, or high intensity sports like aerobics.

Some exercise tips for pregnant women

Do not let your heartbeat exceed 140 beats per minute and stick to activities where you can manage your intensity easily like walking, swimming and yoga (although some yoga poses should be modified; especially after your 2nd trimester).  There are specially designed prenatal yoga classes with appropriate postures for pregnancy.

You might even try some exercise at home; with pregnancy exercise videos.

The key is to listen to your body.  The moment you feel pain, overheated, nauseas or short of breath, you should stop immediately.

Have a healthy, light snack such as a banana an hour before you exercise to give you an energy boost and wear light, comfortable clothing and a maternity exercise bra that will give you the appropriate level of support and comfort.

And finally, enjoy! Pregnancy exercise releases endorphins, which makes for a happy mummy-to-be!