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Your maternity leave and maternity pay checklist

It might seem a while away, but once you’ve made your pregnancy announcement, it’s a good idea to begin maternity leave preparations and find out if you’re entitled to maternity pay. Here’s a maternity leave checklist to help. 

2 mins to read Oct 8, 2020
  • Tell your boss the big news. It may vary according to individual, but you normally need to inform your boss by week 24 latest. 

  • Find out if there’s anyone else you need to tell at work e.g. your coworker. 

  • Ask for a risk assessment in your workplace, things like your workstation and posture may be looked at, as well as exposure to any chemicals. 

  • Consider when the best end date for work is.  

  • Ask your healthcare provider (HCP) about when to start your maternity leave if you are in a high risk pregnancy.  

  • Think about whether you want to take your maternity leave before baby arrives—you may be able to start your maternity leave before your baby is born to catch some rest, get some me-time or to spend more time with your first born. 

  • Think about how you want to plan your maternity leave whether to go by default, mutual agreement or flexi leave arrangement. For more information, you may refer to:…

  • Consider whether you want to extend your maternity leave after baby arrives. You may want to discuss early with your employer to see whether an extension is possible or explore options like flexi-work arrangement to allow you to take care of your newborn.  

  • Compare how much infant care or childcare will cost versus your salary. 

  • Think about when the best return date to work is. 

  • Speak to colleagues who have been on maternity leave before for advice. 

  • Ask about any company parenthood package that may be offered.  

  • Consider paternity leave and shared parental leave. 

  • Check eligibility for shared parental leave. If the leaves are limited, how about dad settles baby into childcare for two weeks so mom can ease back into work smoothly? 

  • Now you’ve got that admin out of the way, you can reward yourself with a fun task—baby names?! See our checklist for ideas.