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GERBER Redemption Campaign | OXO Stick & Stay Suction Plate or SKIP HOP Spark Style Insulated Food Jar


Promotion Period: 1st to 30th September 2022 (both dates inclusive)

How to Participate:
1) Make a minimum purchase of $35 nett* or $60 nett* in a single receipt during promotional period
2) Scan QR code to submit receipt and complete the registration form ( by 7th October 2022
3) Qualified entries will be notified via email on the gift collection details

Participating Products: Participating Products include GERBER Premium Cereals, GERBER Snacks (Puffs, Melts, Teethers, Arrowroot Bisuits, Lil’ Crunchies) and GERBER Jar Purees 80g and Juices 175ml. This promotion includes both organic and standard range, imported and distributed by NESTLÉ Singapore (Pte) Ltd (“Nestlé”), and excludes all parallel imports .

Participating Retailers: Participating Retailers include FairPrice, Cold Storage, Giant, Guardian, PRIME, Sheng Siong, and Watsons or any other participating retailer(s) as announced by Nestlé during the qualifying promotion period. Not applicable for selected online merchants.

^While stocks last. Limited to 1 redemption per receipt. Up to 2 redemptions per consumer. T&Cs apply.
*Nett purchase refers to final amount after all discounts

NEW NAN SUPREMEPRO H.A. Formulation – Latest Breakthrough in Nutritional Science


Presenting NAN SUPREMEPRO H.A. - our latest groundbreaking formulation for extra protection to support Immunity^ and beyond.

The first and only with 5-MO ComplexTM , Gentle OPTIPRO® H.A.TM and BIFIDUS BL Probiotics, the hypoallergenic formula is made gentle to support your child’s development in every possible way.

Be Amazed by your child, for Life.

^With Iron & Vitamins A, B12, C & Folic Acid contribute to normal function of the immune system


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What has changed with this new NAN SUPREMEPRO H.A. formula?

Replacing NAN OPTIPRO H.A., NAN SUPREMEPRO H.A. is our most advanced formula which now contains 5 types of Milk oligosaccharides in a proprietary blend - 5-MO Complex™. We are the first and only formula with 5-MO Complex™.

Other improvements include optimized level of Gentle OPTIPRO H.A. Protein, 2.5 times increase in DHA & ARA, while we continue to provide our extensively studied BIFIDUS BL Probiotics and other key nutrients to nourish your child's every possible.


Q: What is GENTLE OPTIPRO H.A. and how is it different from current OPTIPRO H.A. ?

Gentle OPTIPRO H.A. is the improved version of OPTIPRO H.A, with the level being optimized. The Gentle OPTIPRO H.A. in our NAN SUPREMEPRO H.A. is our exclusive, optimized protein blend obtained through a special treatment that breaks down the milk protein (partially hydrolyzed protein), making it easy to digest and hypoallergenic (reducing the risk of allergies). Do note that not all partially hydrolyzed protein are the same.


Q: What is the difference of the NAN formulation between Australia and Singapore?

Nestle SG does not distribute NAN SUPREMEPRO or any other formulas from the Australia market. While the name may sound similar, the formulation is totally different.

Our new NAN SUPREMEPRO H.A. from Switzerland has been made specifically for Singapore market and provides 5-MO Complex as well as one of the highest levels of DHA and ARA among growing up milk brands in Singapore. The recipe is Halal certified, sucrose-free, and imported by Nestle SG directly from the plant with quality checks and controlled/monitored logistics chain.

SUPREMEpro 3 formulation from Australia is a non-halal recipe that does not contain 2'-FL, 5-MO complex, DHA & ARA.


Q: What is the difference of the NAN formulation between Malaysia and Singapore?

Our new NAN SUPREMEPRO H.A. has been made specifically for Singapore market and is different from the formulation sold in Malaysia. Our formulation provides 5-MO Complex, as well as one of the highest levels of DHA and ARA among growing up milk brands in Singapore. Our formulation is officially distributed by Nestle Singapore with high quality checks, controlled and monitored logistics chain.

SUPREME 3 formulation from Malaysia does not contain 2’-FL and 5-MO Complex.


Q:How do I make the transition from old to the new formula?

Our new formula is safe for your baby, so is switching from one formula to another is safe. However, some babies may detect slight changes in taste or experience gastrointestinal issues when the transition is immediate. This is normal and symptoms should be minor and temporary.

Please be guided by your baby. They adapt better when changes are introduced gradually. You can start by alternating between the old and new formula, gradually replacing 1 feed per day and slowly increase the number of new milk feed. This will give your child’s digestive system time to process and gradually get used to the new formula. If your child is not tolerating the change, please slow down the transition as some babies may take up to 2 weeks to transit.

We recognise that changing your baby’s formula can be stressful. Read here to find out more about managing transitioning. If you have further questions, you can contact us at 800 601 1633 or email us at

GERBER Organic Lil Crunchies


Announcing our new GERBER members – GERBER Organic Lil Crunchies! These quality baked snacks are made with the natural goodness of real organic navy beans, specially designed to be nutritionally and developmentally appropriate for toddlers and beyond. Available in two delicious flavours - White Bean Hummus (45g) and White Cheddar Broccoli (45g).

Made with carefully selected ingredients to meet GERBER’s high quality standards, these baked snacks are made with real veggies (navy beans) and organic rice, plus they provide 2g of plant protein per serving. The GERBER Organic Lil’ Crunchies are baby-led friendly snacks that can encourage your little one’s independence while exploring new textures and developing feeding skills.

  • No artificial flavour & colours
  • No preservatives
  • USDA Organic
  • Non-GMO


Anything for Baby,
from the GERBER family to yours.


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