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NAN OPTIPRO Growing Up Milk

nestle nan optipro 3 -Nourish your child's every possible.

You don’t stop, neither do we.

At Nestlé, we believe that a mother’s care knows no bounds to support her child to become the best they can be at every stage.

For over 150 years, we hold firm to our Swiss promise for precision and perfection, as we continuously strive to bring you our best innovations in child nutrition.

Just like mothers who never stop pursuing their best for their child, neither do we.

Our Advanced formulation with Immunity Guardians+ and 2’-FL

New NAN OPTIPRO 3, now with 2’-FL New NAN OPTIPRO 3, now with 2’-FL


That’s why day after day, hand in hand, you give your child your best care so he can keep on discovering, build his strength today and open up a world of amazing possibilies tomorrow.

NAN OPTIPRO Growing up milk, our breakthrough formulation, with Immunity Guardians+ and highest level of 2’-FL^. It is a scientifically advanced age-adapted formula for every child. Together with BIDIFUS BL Probiotics as well as Optimized gentle proteins, to build the right foundation for your child’s growth and nourish their every possible.

+ Immunity Guardians: Iron & Vitamins A, B12, C & Folic Acid contribute to the normal function of the immune system.^ Compared among infant milk formula brands in Singapore, according to declared value per 100g of powder.

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Nan Optipro 3 - Tnourish your child's every possible

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, our formulations are upgraded based on the latest science and research. For the details on the changes, you can contact us at 800 601 1633 or email us at

As children’s tummy can be very sensitive to changes in their environment and diet, so when transitioning your child to a new feed you may notice a change in their bowel habits. This may be a change in smell, colour, frequency, texture or all of the above!

It’s important to keep an eye out for signs of intolerance but do note that you should also give your baby some time to adapt to the new feed. This can be up to 2 weeks.

When introducing a change in feeding, you can help your child to adapt by doing so gradually. We recommend a gradual transition to the new formulation by replacing 1 feed per day and slowly increase the number of new milk feed.

Some caregivers alternate between the old and new formula may help the baby with this transition.

This will give your child’s digestive system time to process and gradually get used to the new formula.

We recognise that changing your baby’s formula can be stressful. If you need more information, you can contact us at 800 601 1633 or email us at

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