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Your checklist of antenatal testing questions

Baby health checks start before they’re even born. Here are some questions you may want to ask your healthcare provider about antenatal testing.

1 min to read Sep 21, 2020
  • Ask about the standard antenatal tests—what are they and what do they look for?
  • Ask if there are any other tests that may be relevant based on your age and medical/genetic history.
  • Ask when the antenatal tests will be carried out. See our checklist of Questions to ask at your 12-week scan, when you get there.
  • Ask how the antenatal tests are carried out.
  • Ask if it’s OK to bring someone for support.
  • Ask how long the results take to come back.
  • Ask about the level of accuracy of each antenatal test—it can vary.
  • Ask for support or therapy if you need someone to talk to.