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Preconception meal plan: here is what a day of food could look like


Preconception meal plan: get an idea of what your ideal daily menu would look like to set yourself up for a healthy pregnancy.

Friday, January 29th, 2021

Stay-healthy menu planner

Pregnancy Nutrients - Diet Plan for Baby's Health and Development

How many calories do I need?

Every woman is different and if you are at a healthy weight and engage in regular physical activity, eating around the same number of calories each day will keep you at that weight. If you need to gain weight, increasing the number of calories you consume each day by around 250 may help you slowly and steadily gain weight. If you need to lose weight, decreasing your calorie intake by 250 per day (along with moderate exercise) may help you achieve a healthy weight. Always talk to your healthcare provider about specific diet and exercise changes.


The plan below provides approximately 2000 calories per day, which may be a good target for healthy, moderately active women thinking about getting pregnant.

Pregnancy Nutrients - Diet Plan for Baby's Health and Development




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