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How to cope with first trimester anxiety

Suffering from first trimester anxiety? You’re not alone, 1 in 10 pregnant women experience this pregnancy symptom in their first trimester. Here’s how to keep the feelings under control.

2 mins to read Sep 21, 2020
  • Talk to your nearest and dearest—it can really help.
  • Don’t feel guilty or embarrassed.
  • Keep active if you can, it’s good for you and baby.
  • Try and rest when needed.
  • Set aside some “me time” at least once a day. Maybe with a warm bath or a podcast on a walk?
  • Ask your loved ones for practical help. Cooking, shopping, taking care of kids, whatever helps take a load off.
  • Meet up with people in the same boat. Ask your healthcare provider or midwife for forums or local groups.
  • Take a break from coffee breaks. There’s a recommended limit to caffeine during pregnancy.
  • Eat well. Proper nutrition is essential. Now, more than ever.
  • Make time for self-care. Try complementary therapies like relaxation massage or meditation. Mindfulness apps are helpful.
  • Have a go at simple breathing exercises for stress.
  • Plan ahead. Writing down small steps each week can help you get back in control.
  • If you’re feeling overwhelmed about the prospect of becoming a parent, have a look at our checklist to help you emotionally prepare.
  • Turn to your healthcare provider if you need more support.