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PLAYING: Understanding why babies cry

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Understanding why babies cry

Wondering why babies cry? If you’re struggling to understand what your baby is trying to tell you, check this list for possible clues to help.

1 min to read Sep 21, 2020
  • Check if baby is tired—look out for telltale signs like fluttering eyelids or sucking of fingers.
  • Check if their diaper needs changing.
  • Feel if they’re too hot or cold.
  • See if they want a cuddle—sometimes they just need some love.
  • Consider whether they have constipation, colic or reflux. If you think they do, read our checklist on how to help baby tummy problems.
  • Check their little fingers and toes. On rare occasions, little hairs can cut off circulation and irritate baby.
  • Try using motion to soothe baby. Swaying cuddles, the sling, the car, or the baby buggy.
  • Try winding the baby with several different techniques. Babies’ burp buttons aren’t all pressed in the same way.
  • Try baby massage to help troubled tummies. Read our checklist to find out how to give a baby massage.
  • It may sound strange, but try the sound of a hoover or hair dryer. There are lots of white noise apps too these days.
  • Give them a warm bath to relax them.
  • Try to trust your instinct. If their crying is causing concern speak to your healthcare provider