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Baby names help

Need baby names inspiration? Here comes the fun bit! You may already have a favorite, or perhaps you’re waiting until you meet junior face-to-face. Either way, whether you’re after gender neutral names, popular names or unique names, it doesn’t hurt to give it some thought before your baby arrives.

11 mins to read Sep 21, 2020
  • Consider whether to go for a traditional or unique name.
  • Consider the meaning of the names—perhaps in different languages.
  • Consider what the initials will be when put together.
  • Consider how the first name sounds with the surname.
  • Consider how the name could be shortened.
  • Consider how popular the name currently is.
  • Think about people to name baby after.
  • Think about names from your culture.
  • Consider how it sits with any sibling names.
  • Consider whether gender neutral names are important.
  • Think about middle names—second or third favorites can still make the cut this way.
  • Consider how the name works for a child and an adult.
  • Consider alternative spellings of popular names.
  • Think about living with the name. Will other kids be mean about it?
  • Once you’ve got a few ideas on the shortlist, another fun task you could start thinking about is getting baby's nursery ready. See our checklist for help.