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PLAYING: How to relieve colic pain in infants

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How to relieve colic pain in infants

Babies cry. Some babies cry more than others. If your otherwise healthy baby is under five months old and has repeated bouts of uncontrollable crying, it could be colic. And it can be as distressing for parents as it is for baby. Here’s a list of things you can try to help a colicky baby.

2 mins to read Sep 23, 2020
  • Cuddle your baby when they’re crying a lot.
  • Hold them upright during feeds to prevent wind getting trapped.
  • Burp your baby during and after each feed to avoid colicky pain.
  • Ask your healthcare provider (HCP) to check your feeding technique.
  • Try giving your baby a warm bath.
  • Try a very gentle tummy massage with two fingers in a clockwise motion, using a little olive oil or baby oil.
  • Try different tummy-time positions, for example “super baby”, to help relieve pressure on your baby’s tummy.
  • Try gently rocking baby over your shoulder, this can encourage trapped wind to find its way out.
  • Try gentle background noise like a TV or radio.
  • Try rocking your baby in their crib or moses basket.
  • Try pushing your baby in their buggy.
  • Speak to your HCP about probiotics—research has shown that L. reuteri may bring relief by balancing the bacteria in your baby’s gut.
  • Speak to your HCP about your diet—research has shown that a small number of breastfed babies showed improvements when their mom followed a low-allergen diet.
  • Try to keep calm—colic will usually improve on its own by the time your baby is around three to four months and usually resolve by six months.
  • Take turns with other friends and family to comfort your baby so you can have a break.
  • If you are still worried about how much your baby is crying, get in touch with your HCP, as they are best placed to help and set your mind at ease.