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Childcare - Things To Consider When You Return To Work

Returning to the workforce?  You may need to make arrangements for your baby's care.

2 mins to read Feb 16, 2016

When choosing childcare for your baby:

  • Make sure the childcare provider is reliable and qualified. If you plan to hire a nanny, shortlist one much before the baby comes home and make sure they are there for the baby from the very first day. 
  • Clearly convey all the responsibilities to your child care provider while you are still on maternity leave.  
  • Openly ask the person looking after your baby questions to dismiss any concerns you have.
  • Accept that someone other than you can look after your baby and lavish him with love.

Juggling work and childcare

  • Do not feel guilty about not being able to spend the whole day with your baby anymore. Your baby is comfortable as long as they are getting enough care and love by other family members in your absence. Other family members cannot substitute a mother but they can definitely look after your baby’s needs while you are working.  Take regular updates about your baby from family member/caretaker over the phone. If you can you might want to consider starting with only a few hours away from your baby and gradually increase the duration.

Talk to Your Employer

  • Talk to your employer about flexibility of your work hours, so that you can spend enough time with your baby as well. You can also discuss any daycare options available in your work facility and provisions for time off for breastfeeding or for a clean private place for expressing breast milk and storing it in the office refrigerator for feeding your baby later on.