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Having a healthy breastfeeding diet is important for your baby

Did you know? It is important that you eat a healthy diet while breastfeeding and drink plenty of water and other fluids to help with milk production.

2 mins to read Jan 4, 2021

Producing breast milk requires a lot of calories. In just five days of breastfeeding, you can burn about the same number of calories as it takes to run a marathon! And with a newborn in your arms, you may not be getting regular sleep and meals. It’s not surprising, then, that research shows one in five breastfeeding women may not be getting enough calories.

Taking good care of yourself is a great way to take care of your little one. Paying the same attention to good nutrition as you did during your pregnancy is what will help you produce quality breast milk for your growing baby.

Now is not the time to overly restrict your diet, or to try and lose weight too quickly. It’s not just your baby who misses out—if you’re not getting sufficient nutrients, your own stores could diminish, impacting your health and energy levels.




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