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Breastfeeding – It takes all of us

It also takes a father's shoulder, a colleague's helping hand, a friend's sympathetic ear and a grandma's eyes.

3 mins to read Jul 27, 2017

It takes all of us and our hearts to help mothers breastfeed. Because raising the healthiest possible generation is not only a mother's responsibility. IT TAKES ALL OF US. Fathers, grandparents, friends, and colleagues: you are already helping a lot the breastfeeding mum whom you know closely or intimately. But you may be wondering how you could possibly help her more so that she can breastfeed for longer. We're here to help you out with a few suggestions.

Breastfeeding - it takes all of us

Suggestions for Dad

What about taking the following initiatives to help her?

  • Burping baby after feeds as much as you can. Not only does it help mom rest, it also gives you some precious bonding time with the baby.
  • Changing baby’s diapers and seeing your baby’s happy and comforted face after.
  • Sharing mom’s chores and letting her relax. With her juggling so many responsibilities and emotions, you sharing her chores will make a world of difference.
  • Being supportive and helping her de-stress. Being there for her anytime she needs and being supportive of her decision.

Suggestions for Grandmother
  • Dear Grandmas, you've seen so much and know so much. What about taking the following initiatives to help her?
  • Cooking delicious and healthy meals for mom. Your love and delicious, nutritious food is exactly what mom needs right now.
  • Helping with her chores and letting her rest. You know how important some ‘me time’ is. Helping her with her chores and taking care of the baby will give her some much needed time to relax.
  • Being supportive and lending advice whenever needed: you are one of the first persons mom comes to when she needs advice. And we know you’re always there, with all the help she needs.
  • Encouraging mom to start with Colostrum after baby’s birth: The best gift you could give mom and the baby is to encourage her to feed within the first 30 minutes of birth. Colostrum is the first milk, full of nutrients for the baby.

Suggestions for Friend

Moms need someone to talk to, and you’ve always been her sounding board. Now, more than ever, is when she needs you by her side.   

What about taking the following initiatives to help her?

  • Be there for a chat anytime she needs. Motherhood will give her so much to talk about and sharing it with you makes her happy.
  • Keep offering her your encouragement. New moms deal with a lot of responsibilities and stress. As her friend and pillar, your words of encouragement will help keep her going.
  • Make time for your girls’ days out. Moms get so busy, it’s hard to take time out for themselves. Make plans to spend time together and give her a good time.

Help her get over any self-doubts. You’ve always been there for her, telling her how amazing she is.  You’re the best person to help rid her of any self-doubts and tell her she’s doing great.

Suggestions for Boss

Making the work-place mom-friendly is a great way to support her.

What about taking the following initiatives to help her?

  • Share her professional work-load. If she’s juggling with a heavy work-load, sharing that among colleagues would be great support.
  • Allow flexible working hours. She may need reduced working hours or work-from-homes. Allowing this is a positive step in the boss-employee relationship too.
  • Set up a clean feeding room in the office. Moms benefit largely from breastfeeding rooms where they can express and store milk and you have it within your power to help her on this front.