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NAN OPTIPRO H.A. Growing Up Milk

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You don’t stop, neither do we.

At Nestlé, we are inspired by mothers’ relentless quest to nurture their child through every development milestone.

For over 150 years, we hold firm to our Swiss promise for precision and perfection, as we continuously strive to bring you our best innovations in child nutrition.

Just like mothers who never stop pursuing their best for their child, neither do we.



Presenting NAN OPTIPRO H.A. premium hypoallergenic growing up formulation, now with the addition of 2’-FL.

With Immunity Guardians+ like Iron and Vitamins for immunity support.

+ Immunity Guardians: Iron & Vitamins A, B12, C & Folic Acid contribute to the normal function of the immune system.
^ Compared among infant milk formula brands in Singapore, according to declared value per 100g of powder.

NAN OPTIPRO H.A. Growing Up Milk

Nestlé's Best Protein

Our premium hypoallergenic growing up formulas, is made gentle for babies with Nestlé Best Proteins - OPTIPRO H.A., a unique blend of whey proteins which are partially hydrolyzed, broken down into smaller pieces. This makes it easy to digest and helps to reduce the allergenic potential of cow's milk.

Now with the addition of 2’-FL. Together with Iron and Vitamins for immunity support^.

This advanced formulation provides your baby with all the nutrients essential for development, including DHA and ARA for brain and eye development, BIFIDUS BL probiotics - Extensively researched good bacteria added to the milk which help to maintain a desirable balance of protective good bacteria in your child's gut, fight against harmful bacteria and keep your baby’s digestive system healthy!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

As children’s tummy can be very sensitive to changes in their environment and diet, so when transitioning your child to a new feed you may notice a change in their bowel habits. This may be a change in smell, colour, frequency, texture or all of the above!

It’s important to keep an eye out for signs of intolerance but do note that you should also give your baby some time to adapt to the new feed. This can be up to 2 weeks. Read here to find out more about managing transitioning

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