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PLAYING: Feeling Emotional? It's Those Surging Hormones!

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Feeling Emotional? It's Those Surging Hormones!

If you are feeling particularly sensitive right now, don't be concerned.  Your HCG levels are almost reaching their peak during the week, so it's perfectly normal for you to feel as though you are on an emotional roller-coaster.

3 mins to read Feb 2, 2016

Did you say hormones?

Pregnancy is a time that brings with it huge hormonal changes. Estrogen, progesterone and the HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone also act on your emotions and can manifest as anxiety, nervousness, depression or elation. Especially at the beginning of pregnancy, you will experience mood swings, difficulty concentrating, drowsiness and fatigue, which you will soon learn how best to manage it.

A great revolution.

Pregnancy is also a period when everything changes because it represents a break with the past and an extension into the future. It can be a lot of pressure. You start having many questions and doubts. Are you up to the task? Will you be a good mother? Will your child be as you imagine him/her? These are questions that occur to a new mother when faced with this new life, as she prepares to become a mother herself. You may feel more sensitive and you might find yourself going from one extreme to another to defend yourself, including mood swings and facing uncertainties.

Don’t be afraid.

The fear of losing your figure as a result of your body’s transformation can also wreak havoc with the most balanced personalities. It’s true, your body will change, as intended by nature, but your life will also change. Some people worry more about their figure when they are pregnant. This does not justify following an extreme diet at a time when your child needs proper nutrition to have every advantage possible to get a good start in life. If you have difficulty establishing a balance between your weight and your baby's needs, talk to your doctor, who will know how to guide you and put all those common, preconceived notions about nutrition in their place.

The right things to do.

All of these changes that you are now preparing for will need to be dealt with both psychologically and by means of specific actions. Buying maternity clothes that enhance your appearance, buying furniture and baby care items, preparing the baby’s room, learning to eat in a different way, talking with him/her through your belly, and in a few months starting to get ready for childbirth: all of these are visible gestures that accompany your transformation into becoming a mother, as you wait for your baby to journey from womb to birth. Don’t forget to involve the father; he is also expecting a baby.