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PLAYING: Decorations And Activities

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Decorations And Activities

Not sure of what to do for your child's birthday?  Here are some ideas for games and decorations.  Why not get your toddler involved and help you make a few decorations? 

2 mins to read Jul 29, 2016

Let the party begin!

Decorations are very important to create the perfect party atmosphere. If you opt for a special theme (see below), adapt the decorations accordingly. If you have not chosen a particular theme, hang up balloons, paper chains and other fun decorations. Attach balloons and photos to the door of your home. Below are a few ideas for themes. And why not hand out fancy dress accessories to your adult guests? For the baby to have fun, the entire family needs to join in!

  • Knights
  • Pirates
  • Animals
  • Clowns
  • Cartoon characters

In addition to the decorations suggested, party blowers are also a good idea. Little ones love noise.

Games for laughs 

At 1 year old, your baby is still not big enough to take part in games. He can, however, watch the whole family having fun and laugh along with the other guests. Here are a few simple game ideas to persuade your guests to join in:

Musical chairs

Arrange the chairs in a circle (one less than the number of players) and start the music. The players must dance around the chairs until you stop the music without warning. The players must then each find a chair to sit on as quickly as possible. The player left without a seat is out. Start the music again and repeat the steps until there is only one chair remaining. The winner is the one sitting down.

Pin the nose on the clown 

Draw a clown on a plain sheet of paper but leave out the nose. Instead, make a red nose out of cardboard. Then, hang the clown drawing on the wall with a pin. Blindfold one of the players, who must then try to pin the nose in the correct spot on the drawing. The winner is the player who pins the nose closest to the correct position.