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GERBER Clean Field Farming

Nutritious and wholesome for tiny tummies

You want the very best for your little one to ensure she reaches her full potential. So do we. That’s why we use rigorous Clean Field Farming™ practices to ensure that our fruit, veggies and cereals are not only nutritious, but also wholesome and safe for even the littlest bodies.

Choosing Right Seeds, Varieties & Growing Regions

We only choose specific seeds, varieties & growing regions that ensure vibrant, delicious foods for your little one.

Growing Non-GMO

Every fruit & veggie is grown Non-GMO. Always has been, always will be.

Starting with Better Soil

Our requirements for growing our fruits and veggies are among the strictest in the world.

Farming with our Gerber Agriculture Team

We partner with our farmers to be sure the food we grow meets standards strict enough for tiny tummies.

Restoring Nutrients Naturally

We help restore nutrients in the soil naturally through best-in-class crop rotation practices.

Harvesting to be Naturally Delicious

We harvest at just the right time to make naturally yummy baby food:

  • No artificial colors
  • No artificial flavors
  • Always unsweetened & unsalted

Knowing the Farms and the Fields

We know where every fruit & veggies is grown, right down to the farms and fields.

Bringing Crops Safely to our kitchen

We keep our crops safe and wholesome on their journey from farm to kitchen.

Raising the Bar

Each year we share best practices that are raising the bar not only for us, but for our entire agriculture community.


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