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10 tips for a sound baby sleep routine

Baby sleep routines can vary enormously, often causing poor parents many sleepless nights. Here are some bedtime routine tips to help your baby sleep through the night.

1 min to read Sep 23, 2020
  • Try to read and respond to signs that your baby’s tired like yawning, rubbing their eyes, flicking their ear, crying, and whining.
  • Show your baby the difference between daytime (active, light, noise, excitement) and nighttime (calm, dark, quiet) so they can recognize the cues for bedtime.
  • Build in a calm, quiet half hour before you start your baby’s sleep routine and include a feed if possible—hungry babies don’t sleep well.
  • Try giving baby a warm bath followed by a gentle massage.
  • Change them into their sleep clothes and a fresh diaper.
  • Read a bedtime story and maybe sing a lullaby.
  • Say good night to everyone (including teddy) and give them a kiss goodnight.
  • Say the same night-night phrase as you put them down to establish a familiar sleep cue.
  • Put baby down when you notice she is becoming drowsy, rather than fully asleep.
  • Remember the secret to a good routine is consistency, not perfection.
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