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Baby Milestones – 12 to 24 Months

A few key milestones in your child’s development.


1 min to read May 24, 2016

As a proud parent, you might take notice to every new change in your child’s habits, sometimes a little too much! We suggest a few key milestones in your child’s development so you can observe and enjoy your little one’s progress!

  • Stands and begins to walk alone: She’s getting more independent. She’ll need balanced nutrition that will give her as much energy as she needs.
  • Can bite all sorts of food: Starts feeding herself with a spoon. Her coordination is good. Once she has mastered the spoon, let her start practising with a fork.
  • Points to show you things: Laughs at funny things. She’s bright and lively with a great sense of fun. She’ll need a healthy balance of foods that support her healthy growth and development.