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How much food to feed your baby at 9-11 months

With a little knowledge and observation, you will easily be able to identify

2 mins to read Aug 4, 2016

While feeding your baby, understanding how much food he/she needs can be tricky. With a little knowledge and observation, you will easily be able to identify when you have fed your child the appropriate amount of food.

  • Too much? Shakes head to indicate “no”: Baby doesn’t think much of the meal… Your baby is probably satisfied. Respect your baby’s needs. If they are no longer hungry, don’t force them to eat more.
  • Too much? Pushes or drops the bowl: Your baby refuses to eat? Don’t insist… They will eat more the next time!
  • Too much? Clamps her lips shut, stops opening her mouth or closes her eyes: Baby refuses to eat? They are probably satisfied. Don’t force them to eat! Note what your baby likes to eat and how much and when in a diary. This may also prove to be useful for visits to the paediatrician.
  • Too much? Gets distracted easily: Baby loses interest? Limit feeding time to no more than 30 minutes.
  • Too much? Spits out familiar food or pushes it away: Baby refuses to eat anything? Then they are more than likely satisfied. According to their level of activity, the amount your baby eats at each meal may vary from one day to another.
  • Too little? Opens her mouth for food or spoon: The little gourmet… Your baby may still be hungry. They need all the energy they can get for crawling round the house all day! You can give your baby a handful of wholegrain rice puffs as a snack later.
  • Too little? Reaches out for food: The little monkey! They can’t get enough… Maybe baby is just thirsty? Give them a little natural fruit juice or water.
  • Too little? Gets excited about eating: Look at that little hungry face… It may mean they are still hungry. It would be a shame to disappoint them. You can add a few teaspoons of natural fruit puree or fruits to their dessert.
  • Too little? Follows you with her eyes or looks at food while eating: Baby eats every last bite? They are probably still hungry. Try and gradually increase the portion at the following meals.