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Baby constipation - symptoms, causes and treatment

Constipation doesn’t only happen to grown-ups; babies and children get it as well.

2 mins to read Aug 9, 2016

Constipation can cause discomfort, pain and may require intensive treatment if prolonged. That’s why it’s important that parents recognize the signs of constipation in their children so they can provide the right treatment.

How do I know if my baby is constipated?

  • Constipation occurs when your baby’s stool is harder than usual to be passed, for 2 or more weeks.
  • Other signs of constipation include intermittent abdominal bloating, a reduced appetite, and an overall irritable and angry mood.

What causes baby constipation?

  • One of the main causes of constipation is a lack of fluids in your baby’s daily diet. Your baby should have enough water daily as well as fibre from fruits and vegetables.
  • Constipation may also occur when your baby holds it in due to discomfort during defecation.

How can I help my baby overcome constipation?

  • Ensure your baby gets lots of water, as well as fruits and vegetables, which are rich in fibre. Starting your baby early on vegetables will also help your child adapt to the taste, and help inculcate good eating habits in the future.
  • Give your baby food, or your doctor may introduce you to some formulated milk powder for children. This formula milk often contains probiotics, which help to promote good bacteria in the gut.
  • If your baby has been experiencing prolonged symptoms of constipation you should seek further advice from your doctor. As in all things, prevention is better than looking for a cure, so it’s important to have your baby eating a healthy and well-balanced diet to prevent constipation.