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PLAYING: How to make 9 months baby sleep

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How to make 9 months baby sleep

Did you know? By the age of nine months, about three out of four babies are sleeping through the night.

2 mins to read Jan 5, 2021

A good night’s sleep is essential to ensure your baby’s healthy growth—and it’s important parents get the rest they need, too. While many babies between eight and 10 months are sleeping through the night, it is not unusual for babies to wake up at different points during their sleep. Research suggests that these wakings may not be related to whether the baby is breastfed or formula fed. It is important to remember that waking up at night at this age is not likely to be due to hunger, and there may be other factors to consider.


Swap screens for dreams

Studies show that children who watch TV before bedtime are likely to experience increased sleep problems. Irregular sleep, an inconsistent nap schedule, and not getting enough sleep can all be a result of pre-bedtime screen time. And, the more hours of TV watched, the greater the number of sleep problems reported, so it is a good idea to remove any screens from your baby’s room. 


Once your baby’s room is screen-free, try to follow a regular bedtime routine as much as you can. For more ideas on how to give your baby the best chance of a good night’s rest, read The power of sleep.




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