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A premium hypoallergenic growing up formula for toddlers from 1 year old, developed with years of experience – backed by scientific research and innovative development in Nestlé, Switzerland.

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    New Formulation, Now with 2'-FL

    Like all parents, we want to keep your little one well-protected. Backed by research and knowledge from our most dedicated scientists in one of the world’s largest nutrition research centres, NAN OPTIPRO 3 promises a scientifically advanced age-adapted formula, to build the right foundation for your child’s growth and development.

    Optipro HA

    Introducing NAN OPTIPRO 3, a premium growing up formula after 12 months. It provides your baby with all the nutrients essential for growth and development. 

    It contains OPTIPRO, an exclusive optimized protein blend that provides the right amount of quality proteins and is gentle on developing organs.

    The new advanced formulation provides the highest level of 2'-FL*, in combination with BIFIDUS BL, a patented active probiotics that helps maintain a healthy digestive system, as well as OPTIPRO – an exclusive optimized protein blend, that provides the right amount of quality proteins.

    It provides your baby with all the nutrients important for his growth, including DHA for brain and eye development.

    Delivering our best with our Swiss Promise.

    Best of all, it has no added sugar (sucrose) to build good eating habit.

    ^ Iron & Vitamins A, B12, C & Folic Acid contribute to the normal function of the immune system.
    * Compared among infant milk formula brands in Singapore, according to declared value per 100g of powder.

    NAN OPTIPRO 3 provides your toddler with:

    Optimized Protein Blend
    Optimized Protein Blend

    • Supplies the right amount of protein
    • Gentle on developing organs
    • Helps in tissue building and growth

    Optimized Protein Blend
    BIFIDUS BL Probiotics

    • Protects against potentially harmful bacteria in the digestive system
    • Helps to maintain a desirable balance of beneficial bacterial in the digestive system

    Unique LIPID SMART fat blend with DHA & ARA precursor
    Unique LIPID SMART fat blend with DHA & ARA precursor

    • Important building blocks for the development of the brain and eyes of your baby

    iron and zinc
    Iron & Zinc

    • Help support your child's natural defences
    • Iron contributes to normal cognitive function / development and is necessary for normal immune system function

    No Added Sucrose (Sugar)
    No Added Sucrose (Sugar)

    • Contains the goodness of milk with No Added Sucrose (Sugar)


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