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Product NAN OPTIPRO H.A Growing Up Milk
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A premium hypoallergenic growing up formula for toddlers from 1 year old, developed with years of experience – backed by scientific research and innovative development in Nestlé, Switzerland.

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Products highlights

NAN OPTIPRO H.A. 3 is a scientifically formulated hypoallergenic (H.A.) growing up milk, made gentle for babies with Nestlé’s Best Proteins – OPTIPRO H.A. Proteins

Optimized Hypoallergenic Protein Blend

  • Partially hydrolyzed protein broken into pieces, 10 times smaller.
  • High quality 100% whey protein
  • Reduces allergenic potential of cow’s milk
  • Made gentle for babies


BIFIDUS BL Probiotics

  • Protects against potentially harmful bacteria in the digestive system
  • Helps to maintain a desirable balance of beneficial bacterial in the digestive system


Higher in DHA & ARA⁺​

  • Important building blocks for the brain and eyes
    ⁺+47% compared to previous formulation.


Iron & Zinc

  • Help support your child’s natural defences
  • Iron contributes to normal cognitive function / development and is necessary for normal immune system function


No Added Sucrose (Sugar)

  • Contains the goodness of milk with No Added Sucrose (Sugar)

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