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Gerber Photo Search 2019 FAQ

  • For Category Awards:
    • Individual category award component (50%), photogenic (30%) and fun (20%).
  • For Grand Prize:
    • Round 1: based on likes – Top 20 voted babies (after verification) will proceed to Round 2.
    • Round 2: judges’ discretion based on actual day performance – photogenic (50%), personality (30%) as well as expressiveness (20%).
  1. Is my child eligible to enter this contest?
    • You can participate in the Gerber Singapore Photo Search as long as you’re a resident of Singapore of legal age (at least 18) and parent or legal guardian of a child who’s between 6 and 18 months old at the start of the submission period (5 July 2019). Your child should also own a Child Development Account. Employees of: (a) Nestlé; and (b) Nestlé’s advertising agencies, and the immediate family members of these employees, are not eligible to participate in the Contest.
    • Please refer here for the complete list of requirements.
  2. Do I need to buy any Gerber products to qualify for this contest?
    • Not at all! Participation in the Gerber Singapore Photo Search is completely free via Instagram.
  3. Do I need to be a member of Nestlé Baby Club to enter?
    • No. You will only need to have a public Instagram account to post your photos according to the requirements to enter!
  4. How do I enter?
    • Simply upload photos of your child and hashtag #GerberSGbaby2019 to enter! Be sure to follow @gerbersingapore as well!
  5. Does posting more photos give me a higher chance of winning?
    • Posting more photos does not necessarily guarantee a higher chance of winning but you are welcome to upload up to 10 photos (minimum 5 photos) in a single post to showcase a variety of your child’s expressions and angles!
  6. Can I enter using a private Instagram account?
    • Unfortunately, no. You will need to set it to public viewing until 15 September for us to be able to view and judge your photos.
  7. I have 2 children who are within the qualified age range. Can I enter the contest with both of them?
    • Yes you may! However, do note that you should enter the contest using separate posts, with 1 child per post. There will only be a maximum of one winning child per household.
  8. I do not have a child who is eligible for this contest. Can I post a photo of my friend’s child instead?
    • No, the Instagram account owner must be the parent of the child in the photo. Creating an Instagram account is free if your friend does not have one currently!
  9. Both my partner and I have Instagram accounts. Can we enter the contest and post photos of our child?
    • No, there should be only one entry per child. Additional entries by your partner will void the previous entries and will not increase your chances of winning.
  10. Can my photo be professionally taken?
    • No.
  11. When can I start posting photos of my child?
    • You may start posting photos from 5 July 2019 until the submission closing date on 4 August 2019. Any posts before or after the submission period will be void. Likes will be counted from the point of submission until 6 August 2019, 23:59.
  12. I need more time to get people to like my photo!!
    • Don’t worry, there will be an additional 2 days after the submission period ends on 4 August 2019, 23:59 for you to garner as many likes as you can. Voting ends on 6 August 2019, 23:59. (Submissions are not allowed during the additional 2 days)
  13. Can I post a photo of my child from a year ago?
    • No. Your photo needs to be a recent one, taken within 30 days of submission!
  14. What are the prizes?
    • There will be one Grand prize and 5 Category Award prizes. The Grand prize would be entitled to $8000 education grant and $300 worth of GERBER products. The winning child will also be crowned as our GERBER Spokesbaby for a year!
  15. How do I win?
    • Votes matter as there will be a first round of shortlisting based on the number of likes obtained, so get your friends to like your post now! This will then be followed by a second round of judging on 6 September whereby the shortlisted participating children are invited for a short interaction session. The final winner will be selected purely based on judges’ discretion in the second round.
  16. When will the second round of judging be?
    • Round 2 will be a short interaction session held on 6 September 2019. More details will be given to the shortlisted participants. Shortlisted participants will need to attend this round to qualify for the Grand Award.
  17. What if I do not have enough votes to qualify for the second round?
    • Don’t worry! You will still be considered for the Category Award prizes and stand to win $500 education grant and $100 worth of GERBER products! Winners will be determined purely based on judges’ discretion and the suitability to each award title. The number of votes obtained will not affect your chances in winning the Category Awards!
  18. Do I need to have a separate submission to qualify for both award categories?
    • No! Entry into the contest is valid once you post a single post on Instagram containing 5 - 10 photos. Once entered, you will be automatically considered for both awards.
  19. What are the judges looking for?
  20. Will I need to provide any form of documents?
    • Yes! Shortlisted potential winners will be required to submit documents to verify their eligibility in this contest as well as any other documents/declarations required by Nestlé.
  21. When will I know if my child is chosen as the 2019 Gerber Spokesbaby?
    • Winners will be announced on our Instagram page in September. Do keep a lookout for the announcement!
  22. What do I do if I have more questions?
    • You may refer to our official Terms and Conditions on our page here. Alternatively, you may contact us on Instagram if you have any other questions.

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