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CERELAC Infant Cereals

CERELAC Infant Cereals is the ideal first solid food as it is made easy to digest with Cereal Hydrolyzed Enzymatically (CHE) process and fortified with DHA, BIFIDUS BL probiotics and other vitamins and minerals.

CERELAC® -It’s all good, Mum!

As a new mum, there are moments of pride, joy, and doubts. Yes, doubts! Has he slept enough? Does she has everything she needs? Will she be OK in the sun? But these doubts come from love, for the good of baby.
Each CERELAC meal is complete with all the natural goodness of cereal that baby needs to blossom from the first bite to every bite. That’s one less thing to worry about.
It’s all good, Mum!

CERELAC® -Fuel babies amazing growth!

Did you know that your little one will experience amazing growth during their first two years? That’s why it’s important to nurture them with the right nutrition. CERELAC® is made with the goodness of baby-grade grains and packed with essential nutrients like iron, calcium, vitamin C, DHA, protein and probiotics!

  • Contains BIFIDUS BL probiotics, to help fight harmful bacteria thereby maintaining a healthy digestive system
  • Contains DHA and they are important building blocks of the brain and eyes
  • Made with baby grade ingredients -ingredients that are grown especially for babies
  • No added artificial colorings and preservatives

With the various CERELAC® cereal options to choose from, there’s always different taste & texture for your little ones!

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